Mt Martha Veterinary Clinic

With the help of VetCheck 24/7, we're here for you and your pet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After Hours Advice
Call 5974 1199

A VetCheck 24/7 Vet Nurse will triage your pets problem. They will advise if you should seek emergency assistance or if it is safe to wait until the morning.

They may suggest that you have a video consultation with a VetCheck Vet or refer you directly to an emergency centre. All call summaries and vet notes are sent back to us so we know what has happened to your pet after hours.

Call 5979 9600 or 9770 5555

If you know that your pet needs urgent attention, please immediately contact the local emergency centres.

After Hours Video Consultation

If you'd like to speak directly to a Vet, use the link below to register on our Medechat platform and make an appointment. Standard appointments with a VetCheck Vet are $77.

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