Update Information

New Version 3 released with support for iPhone X and revised modern interface.
Improvements to the Reminders feature and better compatibility with iOS11.
VetCheck has been updated to support iOS11.
Some fixes and improvements for iOS8. Particularly issues with setting your Pets Birthday and other dates.
Now fully supports iOS7. New icons and visual tweaks for iOS7. Reminders feature rewritten from the ground up with more flexibility and scheduling options. Faster loading of Vet Medical Info & Pet Tips. Reminders now features powerful new options for setting the frequency and times of your reminders. New 'Remind me later' option allows you to reschedule a Reminder for a later date. Pets can be selected and added to a Reminder. Select from pre-defined common Reminder types. Ability to mark Reminders as Completed. Add End Dates to Reminders. Clear and useful sorting of Reminders so you can see what requires attention.
The Pet Contacts have been totally rebuilt behind the scenes and should be faster, stronger and better than before!
Fixed some orientation issues, so now Teeth Charts appear the correct way up!
Shiny New Icon! Performance Improvements. Fixed some typos.
Some nice performance and bug fixes. We now alert you if you dont have a mail account set up and try to use the Pet Info Sharing feature. Tips, Trivia, and Medical Info now loads faster. New Fun Feature - Goto the More tab. Click About. Press the Icon in the top left. Stroke the Dogs to hear him bark.
Due to popular demand we've added a Barking Dog sound for reminders!
VetCheck has just been updated to version 2.0 and incorporates brand new features including a new Pet Dashboard with bigger images and faster access, quick email sharing of important information, customizable animal specific reminder sounds, larger and easier to follow interactive graphing features and stats about pets weight and a new Pet Status feature to set different statuses for all pets - like social media!
Some minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.
iPhone 5 and iOS6 support. New Canine Teeth Charts. Useful links page. Some minor bug fixes. Performance enhancements.
Apple iPhone Release.


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