Meet the VetCheck Vet Nurses

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Renee

Nurse Renee

I have been working in the industry for 10 years & hold a Cert IV in veterinary nursing as well as further recognition through the VNCA & AVA gaining my RVN & AVN.

I have extensive experience nursing equine patients, small animals & exotics. My interests include pathology, surgical nursing & rehabilitation.

In my spare time I compete on my horses & enjoy spending time with my son & husband.

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Rachael

Nurse Rachael

I’ve been a qualified nurse in the UK for 14 years and I’ve worked in general practices and emergency hospitals. I am very passionate about cats and have completed my Feline Nursing certificate. When in practice, I love doing nurse consultations and helping our lovely patients and owners.

At home I have 2 cats who keep the family entertained for hours. I also have a love of the ocean and enjoy scuba diving!

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Georgina

Nurse Georgina

I have been a Veterinary Nurse for 14 years working in both general and referral practices in Cambridgeshire. I've spent the last 8 years as Head Veterinary Nurse in a feline-only clinic specialising in feline medicine. I now live in Suffolk with my Husband, young children and many animal friends. I have always enjoyed the client-facing role in practice, and working for Vetcheck 24/7 allows me to carry on doing what I love whilst also being home for my family.

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Lauri

Nurse Lauri

I began my career in the veterinary industry in 2006. I hold a Cert II and III in Animal Studies, Cert III and IV in Companion Animal Services, Cert IV in Captive Animals, as well as a Cert IV and dual Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (ECC and GP). I obtained my initial training and assessment qualifications in 2011 and has been imparting my wealth of skills and knowledge to students ever since as a training manager, trainer and assessor, tutor, and teacher at both private training organisations and TAFEs.

I also hold Diplomas in Training Design and Development, Vocational Education and Training, Counselling, Business, Business Administration and Management, as well as a Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning). Since 2006, I have worked in veterinary practices across the Mornington Peninsula, Ballarat, and Geelong regions. I currently work as a senior veterinary nurse in a local small animal veterinary hospital, sharing my skills, knowledge and passion with junior and student veterinary nurses.

I am a registered veterinary nurse with the VNCA (#AVNAT0025) and sit on both the editorial board and review panel for the Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia.

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Andrea

Nurse Andrea

I am a certified vet nurse from the northern tablelands of NSW. I completed my certificate IV in a high volume, small animal clinic on the south coast. I took a special interest in rabbits, exotics, birds and wildlife. I managed an animal rescue centre at this time as well, and am passionate about animal welfare.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Zoology with UNE, with the intention to go into wildlife research and conservation. My life revolves around helping animals! I live on a rural property that I am 're-wilding' with my Maremma, Jasper, and my two naughty bunnies, Bobo and Roro.

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Colleen

Nurse Colleen

I am a qualified Veterinary Technician originally from Canada but have called Australia home for the past 10 years. I started my career 13 years ago by diving straight into emergency and critical care nursing in Canada. I have since gained a wealth of experience working in several veterinary emergency hospitals in North Queensland, Newcastle and in Perth where I worked as a nurse manager.

I unfortunately do not have any pets of my own due to my love of travel. In my spare time I’m at the beach, playing guitar and singing, camping or free-diving. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Computer Science majoring in Software Development and hope to contribute these skills to the veterinary industry as it progresses.

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Tracey

Nurse Tracey

I am a qualified vet nurse of 4 years. I have an absolute passion for caring for animals, educating owners and providing advice to pet owners in need. After completing my Certificate III in Companion Animals, I dove straight into my Certificate VI in Veterinary nursing. Once that was complete, I needed to learn more! This is when I then started and completed my certificate in Advanced Small Animal Nursing. I am always looking at ways to expand my knowledge and provide the very best care to my patients and owners.

I have been lucky enough to be involved in photoshoot productions as a vet nurse behind the scenes, ensuring all pets were well cared for safe. As well as visiting day care and kindy classes to speak about my role as a nurse and how young children can help care for their pets!

My two cats, Ronnie and Feta are the light of my life! My love for them (and all cats!) has given me the title of “Clinic Cat Advocate” in the clinic I work in, as a part of the ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine).

There is no job more fulfilling than being a vet nurse. I am proud of what I do every day, whether it is in clinic or answering your calls through VetCheck 24/7.

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Adel

Nurse Adel

I completed my Bachelor in Veterinary Nursing degree back in 2020 and have been working in a large and small animal emergency practice in Melbourne, AUS, for 4 years now. My passion for ECC nursing flourished here, enjoying the fast-paced and high intensity environment and has only gotten stronger as the years go on. I also have special interests in veterinary internal medicine, working as a mobile nurse with a medicine specialist during the week, as well as surgery where I have had comprehensive training in my surgical nursing skills, especially orthopaedics, over the last 2 years at a specialist surgery and referral centre.

Besides all things veterinary nursing, I have a passion for health and fitness and aim to complete my certification in personal training this year, with the goal to balance this with my nursing.

In my spare time, l love to stay active by getting my daily gym session in, cooking, going down to the beach and spending as much time with my dog Charlie.

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Zoe

Nurse Zoe

I started as a student veterinary nurse back in 1992 as a 16 year old nervous school leaver. I embraced my training and college work and sailed through qualifying in Spring 1996. Since qualifying I have remained in small animal practice and was a head nurse for 18yrs in a vibrant progressive first opinion practice. Since leaving I have been an evening nurse in referral, as a locum in small animal practice and also set up a successful pet nurse at home business. I have also been studying hard for the last 10yrs in all things feline.

I currently hold the ISFM Feline Friendly Nursing and Advanced Behaviour Certificates and am coming towards the end of my Compass Applied Feline Behaviour Management Diploma, I also gained a distinction in the COAPE Canine Friendly Nursing certificate. I like to apply my behaviour knowledge whilst working in practice and also with educating pet owners through my various social media channels. I set up a Campaign in 2018, Respect the Lead which tries to educate dog owners on good dog lead etiquette. This campaign went viral and reached all four corners of the globe. So you could say I keep myself very busy flying the RVN flag. In my spare time I enjoy time with her 8yr old son and try to keep fit and active with walking, pilates and playing tennis.

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Leanne

Nurse Leanne

I studied in the UK and have been in practice for over 10years. I have primarily worked in small animal practice but also have equine knowledge through having my own horse for 16years. I have 3 rescue fur babies at the moment - a cocker spaniel, a collie and a ginger pusscat! I simply love being a veterinary nurse and being able to help and support all animals and their owners.

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Charlie

Nurse Charlie

I have been Veterinary nurse for just over 16 years in a large & small animal practice, I have also worked in emergency for just over 10 yrs I live with my Partner our 4 children and our 30 plus animals on 40 acres in the yarra valley Victoria, My passion is wildlife with a real soft spot for reptiles especially lizards.

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Amy

Nurse Amy

I am a qualified Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse who has been nursing for over 16 years. I currently work as a senior nurse in a general practice in Newcastle NSW which has a keen interest in avian, exotic and reptile patients. My favourite patients to nurse are rabbits and guinea pigs, and I have presented nursing lectures to other clinics on ‘nursing the rabbit patient’. I also own and run a successful puppy preschool business called The Polite Puppy Academy, and have a keen interest in puppy behaviour and development. At home you can find me chasing after my 2 daughters, and ‘Mavis’ the nova scotia duck tolling retriever.

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Donna

Nurse Donna

I am a highly qualified and experienced veterinary nurse. I started my animal career working with marine animals such as sharks, seals and penguins. I then went on to work in a UK zoological collection delivering educational presentations and assisting with the behaviour, training, and enrichment of a variety of species including parrots, birds of prey, otters and sealions.

I eventually changed my focus to more domesticated species (mainly cats and dogs) in 2004 when I became a small animal veterinary nurse. During my time as a veterinary nurse, I have worked in various clinics including first opinion and ECC (emergency critical care) so I am a very experienced triage nurse. I also worked for the famous Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick in his orthopaedic and neurological referral practice for a time too!

Since 2014 however, I have taken a step back from clinical work and have spent the past few years teaching and passing on my knowledge to students on an animal management course. I love both teaching and learning! I hold many qualifications including an advanced diploma in veterinary nursing and a master’s degree in clinical animal behaviour.

As you can see my world revolves around animals and my personal life is no exception. I have a particular interest in snow dogs! I have rescued numerous huskies and malamutes over the years and I am currently owned by a very dopey young malamute called Seeley (aka Sausage) and a grumpy old female husky named Aurora (aka Demon dog) whom I adore.

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Kate

Nurse Kate

I am a highly qualified and experienced Veterinary Nurse. I began my career in small animal practice before moving to the emergency and critical care department in a university teaching hospital.

My true passion is wildlife and exotics and I have spent the past 20 years working in a Zoo veterinary hospital where I am a Senior Nurse.

I am passionate about conservation and take a special interest in medical conditioning of captive animals. My favourite patients are primates, marine mammals and penguins.

When I’m not running around after my 2 children or pet dog Hank I am usually undertaking further study.

I won the Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia Vet Nurse of the year award in 2019.

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Rachel

Nurse Rachel

I began veterinary nursing in 2004, and spent just over 10 years working in various small animal practices, where my passion was surgical nursing and anaesthesia. The latter 5 years I spent as head nurse, where I enjoyed training new nurses and helping to run the practice.

I then took a break from my career, spending six years raising and home educating my three young children. We live in Norfolk, UK, with our Romanian rescue dog, Maggie and cat Jemima.

I am now happy to be back doing what I love, being able to help animals and their humans, as well as spending time at home educating my children.

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Naomi

Nurse Naomi

I have been vet nursing since 2003 and completed my training in Edinburgh, Scotland. Since qualifying as an RVN I have worked in both small animal and exotic practice. I have spent time in Australia and worked in several clinics in Melbourne before moving back to the UK to take the roll as head nurse for a very busy veterinary practice in Liverpool, England. I have since returned to Scotland to be close to my family and have completed the ISFM feline nursing certificate and adore all things cat!

I have a love for super fluffy animals and have two chow chows and 3 cats that keep me and my husband busy.

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Sarah

Nurse Sarah

I qualified in the U.K. in 2009 and currently work in a small animal orthopaedic referral practice. I have previously worked as a head nurse for a small animal practice in Cornwall for 5 years before returning to Norfolk to be closer to family.

I have such a love for animals and love the variety of the job I do whether it’s surgeries, nursing, anaesthesia or helping clients.

I live with my partner, our little boy and our three legged rescue cat called Beans.

VetCheck Vet Nurses Nurse Cassie

Nurse Cassie

I have loved the industry since I was old enough to understand a career, which meant, going into clinic at an early age of 15 for work experience, at a mixed practice of large and small animals.

Throughout my career I have worked with a number of different animals including wildlife. I have been a qualified Veterinary Nurse for the last 9 years, and still enjoy the daily running’s of clinic.

I am currently a Senior Head Nurse at my current clinic, which keeps me on my toes, and the day exciting!

My special interests within the industry are surgical nursing and behavioural training, and have a soft spot for reptiles.

I live with my husband and 3-year-old boxer, who keeps me entertained on the daily!

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