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As a responsible pet owner, you know how important it is to keep your vet informed of your pet’s vital information such as age, injuries and vaccination history but how often do you have it to hand in an emergency or visit? Thanks to VetCheck - the answer is always! VetCheck is the easy-to-use app for Apple and Android devices that allows users to keep all of their pet’s vital information in one place along with vet appointments, contact details, treatment plans and more!

VetCheck is suitable for any kind of pet from dog, cat, horse, fish to anything rarer or more exotic. Created by a qualified vet, you can be assured that the information is correct, up to date, relevant and useful in helping you care for your pets. As well as providing key comprehensive veterinary medical information and pet management tips, VetCheck also has the following key features:

Store Pet Details

Store and easily access all your essential pet information in one place.

Medical Information

Store your pets vaccination history and other essential medical information for easy access in an emergency.

Contact Management

Manage and store important Contacts such as your Vet, Groomer or Kennel that connects with your phone's Address Book

Features of VetCheck

Schedule Alerts

Create and edit Appointments that fully integrate with your phone and set reminder alerts for important Medication schedules.

Illness Detection

Record and graph your pets weight which will show any sudden weight loss or gain.

Pet Facts & Trivia

View interesting Pet Trivia, Tips and Medical Information in your App. All curated and edited by Dr Moss Siddle.

Explore the VetCheck App

VetCheck is also available for Android on the Google Play Store!

Easy to Use Interface

You'll find that entering and accessing all your information is easy with clear and stylish interface.


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